Monday, October 03, 2005

Articles Do Bring Traffic

Veteran Internet marketer shows "How To Increase Your Traffic And Exposure” by submitting articles to directories such as

The Internet is all about information. Google, Yahoo and MSN are also about aggregating and distributing relevant information to millions of users. How can you reach a large online audience for your topics of interest, products or services without enjoying a high ranking on the search engines? The answer is: Articles. Articles are one of the most effective methods to gain exposure for your business. Every single day, millions of people go online with the purpose of finding informative content.

You don’t have to be a great writer in order to author a short article on a subject that you’re very familiar with. You’d be surprised how much you know and the things you can write about. Mario Giordani is the founder and manager of, a 100% free articles directory. Authors can submit a 400-word+ article and have it distributed via syndicated content channels and thousands of targeted publishers throughout the Internet.

According to Mario, “articles are very hot right now because the satisfy the hunger of search engines that are anxious to list quality information in their indexes. Articles are free to create. For those of us lacking good writing skills, dozens of talented ‘ghost writers” are available to generate articles on a variety of subjects.”

Authors are encouraged to create new and unique content that benefits information-hungry Internet users. Good content also helps websites get exposure, more backlinks and often provide a positive effect on your search engine rankings. Additionally, well-written articles not only help authors get higher credibility as experts in their field but also generate targeted traffic from people who click on the link inside the author’s resource box.

Articles are generally distributed via electronic magazines (ezines), opt-in mailing lists, as website content and RSS feeds. Articles can also stay indexed, archived and read over and over. Additionally, articles provide quality backlinks that positively affect search engine rankings.

“If you use someone else’s article on your site, be sure to include the author’s information, including the active links to his or her site. That’s the right way to maintain a win-win situation for all parties involved in the production and distribution of good content,” advises Mario.Mario Giordani added, “Thousands of creative Internet entrepreneurs have seen the value of combining quality articles with Google’s Adsense. Adsense is contextually-based, so users can access the exact type of information they are searching for after reading a good article.”
To view what an articles directory looks like or to post your own articles for free distribution, go to Mario Giordani can be reached at (801) 816-9999 or at Email: