Monday, June 27, 2005

Internet Marketing 24/7

I make money while people are eating Sushi on the other side of the world!

Would you like kiss your current job good-bye?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, if you happen to be happy working for Donald Thump, you’re making over $100,000 pesos a year and you love what you do, stop reading this because this article isn’t for you! Slap me silly, call me Sally and go away now!

Thousands of people dream of retiring early, quitting their jobs, running their own business and working their own hours. There are many benefits. For example, you can stay home in your pajamas and make money. The Internet works around the clock so while some 73-year-old guy is buying a 2-day-old sushi snack in Japan and you’re sound asleep in your bed in Tupelo, Mississippi, happily dreaming of Angelina Jolie dropping Brad Pitt over you, the Internet is churning out money for thousands of stay-at-home marketers in various parts of the world.

That’s the power of the Internet at work for you.

But what do you know about Internet Marketing? Some people’s notion of Internet marketing is simply putting up a pretty web site and telling their customers about their web address when they ask. To some, that’s all they need and that’s fine. But there are millions of sites out there, thousands in the same industries, hundreds selling the same widget. How do you get “found?” Ha, that, my friend, is Da Question! Internet Marketing involves a lot of things. It’s not one single thing. It involves designing a search-engine friendly site. It involves know how to introduce that site to the search engine spiders and most importantly, it requires work to get a chunk of those daily 275,000,000 Google searches to hit your site a few thousands times a day! It’s not easy. Well, it’s not easy if all you’re doing is submitting it to the search engines and telling your friends about your lovely new site.

Getting traffic is more involved. Without traffic, you have zip, nada, no sales and you’re probably the only one visiting your own site more than anyone else. So what’s one web site owner to do to learn Internet Marketing and all the tricks of the trade? What if you want to quit that lousy job and live off the Internet, making sales day and night, 7 days a week?

You may not know this, but there is a huge force out there doing nothing all day long but talking about marketing online and making sales. In fact, it is a force comprised of thousands of people like you and I. Ordinary people. If you want to make money online, you need to figure out what is being discussed in the marketing forums and search engine circles. You need to learn all the in’s and out’s of how to make money with your $54 a month high-speed Internet connection. If you know how to design a decent site, more power to you. You’re half way there. In some cases, you don’t even need a site to make money!

If Google Adwords and Google Adsense sound more like adding words together and ads with common sense to you, then you’re lost. Sorry to tell ya. You need some training. You need some learning before you start raking in the dough. If you’re not taking advantage of Google’s advertising programs, you need to have your head examined or advertised on!

Let me give you one suggestion. Something you can do right now, right after you’re done reading this silly article of mine. Do a search on Google about “making money online” and see what comes up. Start there. Until I write again, Adieu.