Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Not Visitors, But Links To Your Page

Can these pages add additional external links to your web site and increase your chances of higher rankings? You bet! That's what they are good for besides the fact that they will also also generate additional traffic for you. But I use them for "linking" purposes.

Free Viral
Free Real Visitors
Affiliates Listing Service

The more links your have from other mid to high level traffic sites, the better. Search engines like to see that other sites are linking to you as a way to determine your "popularity". Ideally, you will want to link to sites of the same theme. But linking to the above sites won't hurt you in the long run. You will get more links and more traffic. There is no such thing as too much exposure when you want to stand out in the crowd of millions of web sites out there. The people who are making the most money online are the ones "working at" it daily and promoting their sites without any hesitation. Promote deep and promote wide!