Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My New Affiliates Listing Directory

Linking away...many of my sites are increasing their PR with Google. I'd like to have you link to my brand new site called Affiliates Listing Service. As the name says, if you run or promote any particular affiliate program, feel free to post it on my site, FREE. You can even ad a 125x125 logo. Bigger or smaller ones will get distorted.

As a rule you will want to put your links into PR4 or higher sites. Not only does your new site get listed more quickly, sometimes in a day, by Google, but it also helps your own SE ranking.
My directory is looking a little skinny right now so I need your help. Place as many links for your sites as you'd like, but one link per site, please.

To get started, visit the site here. Thanks!

If you already have traffic...

While most of us work hard every day to increase traffic to our sites, some of you guys are already there, getting 30,000-100,000, 300,000 hits to your site every single day. And that's great if that is you. Chances are you already know that the way to make serious money online is by utilizing the efforts of other people.

I am a firm believer in 2-tier affiliate programs. I know they work. I know they make money and I have personally made money with them. Here's just 3, in case you decide to add them to your collection:

1. Satellite $3,000,000 paid out to affiliates

2. Net Detective $5,000,000 paid out to affiliates

3. Gaming $57,000 last month (9-04) to ONE affiliate, lucky dawg

4. Poker

Do you like those numbers? Makes it worth spending time marketing online. Hurry and sign up with these 3. I will post additional, tested, proven 2-tier programs.

Some people are raking in the dough online, seriously. If you're not there yet, it's your turn. If you have lots of traffic, stick with 2-tier affiliate programs and products which are in high demand!

Until next time.