Monday, October 18, 2004

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion...It never ends!

This blog is about traffic, so let's get you more involved with promoting your blog or site. One of my previous posts showed you how to get traffic by promoting your own blog. Blogs get indexed and they are a good way to tell your stories as well as promote your products or services without shame. I know, I am guilty of this!

Here's one source that has many programs to help you increase your overall traffic. Use the ones that better suit your needs:

Plan on spending some time on this site because there are lots of ideas. I use a good chuck of what's there to promote my sites. How many sites do I have now? I am running over 40 sites so you can imagine I need a lot promotion to keep them going strong.

Try Classifieds, Thousands Of Ads, One Click

Well, here's the blurb on one of my most recent projects, from my site:

"Marketing software is what we provide at's software shop for website promotion and submission software on the Internet.'s establishment furnishes submission, advertising, and promotional tools that give you the power to post information about your website throughout the Internet to thousands of sites within minutes.
No matter whether classified site, search engine, ffa, or award site has the specific software tool for you. Our submission software is robust, powerful and not for the faint of heart. The classified ads software we market has been rated by their target markets throughout the world as the #1 systems on the Internet. Review the products, download the demos and see for yourself. " Try the demo, free download. brings a one-stop shop for all your classified ads software needs. "

Oh, before I forget, there is a 25% first-tier and a 5% second-tier offer with it so you can make money from the efforts of others, which is the way many rich people get even richer.

I've got some other resources coming up soon which I'd like you to try. The whole idea is to get more traffic. I've got one killer program to introduce to you to skyrocket your bank account. Watch for my next few posts.