Saturday, October 09, 2004

What if 1% read your opt-in emails and acted on it?


Busy Saturday over here. Lots of coding on some new projects. I usually do a lot of website enhancements and optimization to keep climbing the exposure ladder. Last time I counted, I was managing about 40+ websites. Some of my sites do better than others.

I not usually fond of e-mail marketing but the experts agree that a good opt-in list is a must have, especially one that you build on your own. But what if you could have a list(s) with about 50 Million people in it who you can mail to? And what if about 1% (500,000) of them signed up with your program or purchased your product? Ideally, that would be great but it's a known fact that most of those people who receive bulk emails filter them out, only read a few that may appeal to them and ditch the rest into the spam-filter box. I am talking about opt-in safelists.
They've had a bad rep in the last few years, especially because of automation, blasters and filters. One such lists produces over 3,000 emails per day for me! Ouch. Never use your own main email address to subscribe to one of these! Always use a disposable email!

Who has the time to read all of these emails anyway? In fact, in looking over these emails, they pretty much look and sound the same, all advertising the next greatest, pre-launch, exclusive new MLM or this or that! But I actually have signed up with a few good programs off these lists enough to keep me insterested in them. Most so called internet gurus will tell you that safelists are nothing but a waste of time and server resources.

But generalizations can be deceiving. I've found one such list that appeals to me. It allows me to create my own group to mail to and they manually sign up to be on your list from their control panel. In one day I had about 60 sign ups. Then I can mail to them as my "new" group of subscribers. I like that. Additionally, you can mail to the standard bazillion safelists. Here's the only opt-in list that I am using with the idea of spreading the word on a new site or product:

Another one, where members actually help you build your list for you is located at

Here's what their caption ad says: "What If Every Person You Came In Contact With Started To Frantically Build Your Opt-In List For You?"

Your Huge Opt-In List And Monthly Residual Income Are Just 30 Seconds Away!

Alternatively, you can start your own "group" on Yahoo Groups for free. There is a lot of activity in those groups.
Want to make your site more interactive? Check out
You can have a site with "character" for the price of a nice dinner at Sizzler! Here's the link:

I've used this audio feature on several sites. Even on a site catering to consumer credit, attorneys and mortgage brokers. I got great feedback from non-techie users.
Well, that's enough writing for tonite. It's about 2:45 a.m. now...Times flies when you're typing all this blurb...