Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Need to get indexed quickly?

Need more traffic and more links?

3 resources:

1. - Good indexing on Google


3. Url.Biz - Very good resource, including articles you can publish.

4. - Good one too!

Never submit your site manually to Google. Let it find you by linking to the sites above and others like it. Google indexes those sites and your links gets indexed as a result. It's much faster this way.

Spend 5 Bucks to get linked

Another tip to get traffic and indexing a bit faster on search engines is to get your site linked to a PR4-8 site that gest spidered by Googlebot everyday or even several times a day. Never submit your site to the search engines manually! Seriously. That's newbie stuff. Don't do it. Always link and to get found.

Or you can spend $5.00 and get an account at Roiclicks is quickly climbing up the PR ranks and I think it's either a PR4-5 at the moment but it does get indexed frequently so might as well get your site there or even become an affiliate for free.

Other sites with free links:

And, don't forget to get listed on Biz.Url as well. You can even write your own articles along with your free listing. It's an excellent search engine boosting resource.