Sunday, September 05, 2004

Selling Maps To The Gold Mine

Everyday, smart marketers are trying to come up with new methods of generating money, to persuade, induce and profit from cyberspace fortune seekers.

Consumers need to be smart too by learning how they are being baited by clever spiders roaming around the world wide web. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. The dreamer thinks everyone is nice. Like John Lennon sang, "You can say that I am dreamer, but I am not the only one." While some people are dreaming, others are busy making money off these dreamers. Dreaming and believing everything you read and hear can frustrate you and make money for a lot of people other than yourself.

Not all savvy marketers are dishonest but you need to recognize a marketing trap when you run into one and hold on to your wallet. Smart marketers will learn everything about you: how you think, how you buy, what you buy, what approach to use with you, etc. They have only one objective in mind: to sell you something and enrich themselves. There is nothing wrong with buying and selling. It's done everyday from Wall Street to the street market. But like stocks, you only want to buy what will give you the greatest return, for sure.

Some marketers are like entertainers, singing the songs you like to hear. They know that by singing the right melodies, they will strike a chord with you, so to speak. They want you to "identify" with the product or service offered. They know that if the can give you "an idea" or provide a "way" to get what you're looking for, you will end up buying their product. You should be concerned NOT with what the marketers are telling you but with they are not revealing.

For example, a marketer can get a lineup of people if he "reveals" the path to a GOLD MINE.
He is only telling you there is (there might be) gold in the mine but not how much gold and how many people are going to be trying to acquire a chunk of that gold.

So let's assume the gold mine contains $2 million dollars worth of gold. The smart marketer knows by research that he can get 200,000 people to pay $20/each for Gold mine maps...
Who would make more money in the long run? Obviously the marketer would. He can sell $4 million dollars worth of gold mine maps instead of owning the mine himself for $2 million and having to pay people to dig the gold out, process it, etc. It would be more costly. So a lot of times you run into people selling you gold mine maps online instead of owning the mine themselves and it's fair to question why.

If you believe they just want to share the wealth with you, well, that's possible, but for the most part, they know there is more money in it for them if they sell you gold mine maps. Whether you dig gold or not, is up to you. This goes on a lot in the online marketing world.

When the gold is gone, it's gone and assuming it was there to begin with. However, the Guru will have enjoyed a nice $4 million dollar check while the gold mine is being depleted by too many people mining it. For example market saturation. Remember: now that you own the map to the so-called gold mine, you still need to drill, dig, put in the hours, pay the price, etc., to benefit from the gold you find. You will also be competing with others trying to get the same thing. Those who buy the map too late in the process may not get any gold at all.

So a "golden" rule before you buy any product is to analyse its potential market yourself. Before you buy anything go to Google Adwords and see how many people are marketing the same product. Check on and see what the highest bid is for the product and how long those ads are in place. Too many salesmen selling the same thing? Move on. Find smaller, especialized niche markets with the least amount of competition.

Don't buy maps readily available to everyone else.