Saturday, September 04, 2004

Another Idea To Help You Make Money

Many program affiliates are making significant amounts of money by selling other peoples' products and services. There is one way to save a bit of time in selecting money-making programs. Simply go to and find "affiliate" advertised programs. Choose the ones that are paying the most per-click. Chances are they are making good money to be able to afford the higher ppc fees. See how they are marketing the product/service and emulate something similar. If they are making $5,000 a month with the program, there is not apparent reason why you can't make 10%-20% of that or more if you promote the same product better and more efficiently. If you want to sell the top Clickbank programs, you can use a program called Affiliates Alert, which is free. It will tell you very easily who is who of hot Clickbank products. The PRO version gets updated daily so you always have the best selling products at hand as well the upper hand on newly lauched products and services.