Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another Traffic Tip

Take advantage of peer to peer file sharing and Kazaa. Here's one tecnique you can use and it costs nothing.
1. Once you've downloaded your Kazaa lite resurrection software and create a directory specifically for file sharing, start including some .PDF and .JPG/.GIF files, named with specific keywords related to your business. On the .PDF documents, be sure to have your clickable links in them. 1-page .PDFs are better than a whole 100-page e-book. You will to accommodate the 56K modem users. Same with the photos, keep them small, under 30K is best.
2. On the photos, simply use your favorite graphics editor and add a small banner or text reflecting the specific link to your site or affiliate program. Make your label very visible. The shorter the link, the better.
Next, name your graphics file using keywords that apply to what you are trying to promote.
Millions of people are searching (hence your keywords) for files and documents at any given time and will download your files! You can also create MP3 files with a blurb about your site and business and upload it to our sharing directory, naming it specifically for what you're trying to promote. When they download the file and play it, they will hear a blurb about your product or service.

I have the philosophy that the more ways you can get traffic to your site, the better. Obviously, the more targeted your traffic, the more sales you will make. But this p-2-p approach has helped me and others get additional traffic. Think about this for a second. If those people like the document or file they downloaded, they are likely to keep them in their directories to "share" with others. Some people are Kazaa junkies and are sharing files throughout the day amd night. Best of all, all this costs you nothing but a little time. Alternatively, you can create some swish files and share them as well. I know there is one program out there that only costs $49 and is very easy to use. The idea is to have your file shared all over the world through the peer-to-peer system.

Stay tuned for other traffic-generating ideas to help you make more money and have fun with your online marketing.

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PPC Useful Tools

I have found a little "nugget" that will help you with search engine keyword selection and placement. I find some of these tools very useful. Check it out at the following URL: