Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Traffic Generation Instructions...

These are just a few (of many) sources of traffic information that I have checked out.

Google Secrets - How To Get Top Rankings.

Turn Words Into Traffic
Simple 'Traffic Machine' Creates Instant Avalanche of FREE Traffic to your website or affiliate links!

Expired Traffic - Free Residual Traffic! We offer access to lists of expired domain names with preexisting traffic. Get targetted traffic and make $

Power Linking 2004: Evolution Proven, quality traffic for years to come from a brand new system.

Don't Be Scammed By Traffic Sellers! Get the secret codes and more that traffic sellers use to make a killing. Learn how they make your counter spin, yet no sales!

Free Traffic Directory Get free traffic from Google regardless of the constant algorithm changes.

For more sources, do a search on Google or simply click here, then enter the word "traffic" in the search box.

Traffic Tools I've experimented with...

Some tools are very effective, others are a waste of time. For example, the ones that promise to send your site to thousands of search engines...I bought into one of those when I was a newbie and it was just a waste of money. Might as well have thrown the money into the toilet. Same thing with sites that put on your a bizillion FFA pages (free-for-all-pages). Don't even waste a second with those sites. Even worse are the ones that promise you 10,000 hits for $29.95. Yep, automated hits or useless popunders.

I also experimented with sites such as TrafficSwarm, FreeViral and HitTrafficker. These three don't do too bad as passive traffic creators. If you are selling something, promoting an affiliate program, etc. you will find that the above sites are catering mostly to other webmasters selling affiliate programs and business opportunities. So if your market is "internet marketers" and you want to try to create a small downline, you may get mild results with these types of sites. I got a small downline of 10 webmasters with FreeViral in just a few days when I started. Not sure what it is now. There lots of similar viral systems out there. Here's another one that's not too bad either: UTS

Other sources I have used included manual surf sites such as webmasterquest and nomorehits.com. The ones that offer a start page set up instead of autosurfing produced ok results depending on the products or services I was marketing. The people who come visit your site are other people trying to sell you something, not buying. You may be able to pick up a downline of sorts if you are marketing something like CBClicks or BoostedJuice or

I will expand on this a bit more when I re-edit this page. Like with everything else online, there are some tricks I've had to learn to get Google Adwords to make it work right for me.
I'm actually making sales using AdWords for several products products at the moment.

You get almost "instant" traffic with this service but you have to also watch your wallet (set a budget) and really tweak the keywords and product description.

When setting up my Google Adwords, I avoid displaying my ads on Asian countries.
Seems like they have got a large group of people there who have nothing better to do but to aimlessly click on your ads and deplete your daily budget.

I've had much better success selecting just the USA, U.K., Germany, Australia, New Zeland or other English speaking countries. I've had less clicks but I've made more sales and my small daily budget has lasted longer and been more effective.

More on this next time I write.

Get Traffic To Your Site Or Die!

No Traffic = Death Of A Nice Web Site!

This is so true. You can have the best site in the world but if people can't find you or only a few people find it, you're dead in the water and bound to be another "unprofitable" out in cyberspace.

This post is about the most important thing for web sites: traffic, traffic, traffic.

And traffic.

Explore with me here some of the best methods to get traffic, dumping all the garbage that's out there and sticking with proven methods that "work!" to produce traffic and, consequently profits, if that's what you are after.

Traffic is a challenge from most site owners because we are competing against millions of other sites wanting the same thing: the consumers' attention. It's a tough fight but with the right tools and tweaking, I am sure we can make progress.

Many traffic and marketing experts in cyberspace have already gone through the ropes and learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to web site traffic.

The internet is full of articles and ebooks on the subject.

Successful marketing guy, Jonh Reese claims to have made over $1,000,000 in sales promoting an entire traffic package to ambitious webmasters. It's called Traffic Secrets. See a 10 page review here John reveals tactics and secrets to turn mediocre-traffic websites into heavy traffic, sales making cash machines. Even though I haven't purchased this package, I get a feeling that most of it has stuff that I am already familiar with. According to the review above, I'd be more interested in a 22-page PDF file of the same materials with the nuggets targeting more experienced internet marketers. From all I gather, it sounds like this package will bring people a ton of traffic and sales. I hope so for the sake of its price, just under $1,000 dollars.

But what if you don't have $1,000 to invest and you can't afford to fork out $4,500 attend a kick-in-the-pants seminar? What do you do? Well, you have to learn things the "hard way" and it will certainly be more "time consuming" but oftentimes worth the effort. But look at this way, there are really no secrets to traffic if you spend the time to learn, be persistent, test your efforts and study as much as possible. The problem is that most people give up too soon, look for information at the wrong sources and don't have enough patience to formulate goals and games plans. The other things that happens is that so many Internet marketers, especially new ones, get bombarded with "stuff" - by the time they figure out what works and what doesn't, they've spend a small fortune, which is exactly what the "smart" guys want you to do. For example, let's say you came online and decided to sell a product or service through your web site. You ask yourself: " How do I get traffic?" Then you do a search for "traffic" and find a bunch of sites offering you 10,000 visitors for $29.99. I think John Reese addresses this in his promotions, so you pay the $29.99 and end up with a bunch of "hits" on your counter and no sales. Little did you know that there are programs that can send fake hits to your site(s) all day long. Take a look at this one http://alexabooster.com It will send hits to your site plus increase your Alexa ranking through various proxy hits. So if you had a counter on your site, it would show an increase of visitors. Your logs might also reflect the same thing. There are many versions of these programs out there, in script form or as a stand alone software program. There are other forms of sending "fake" hits to your site. If you're a newbie, you might also think that FFA pages will give you lots of traffic. Nonsense. You will end up with a lot of junk emails about the "next opportunity of the century" and have no humans looking at your ads. Big waste of time. I stay away from any programs or services that use the word "Blaster" on it, forum blaster, email blaster, FFA blaster, adblaster, ezine blaster...etc. They will blast your hard-earned money into oblivion. Some of these services might have worked well in the past, but nowadays, they are just a waste of time, effort and often, money.

Spend time at traffic-oriented forums, read top-rated ebooks on the subject, read about SEO, watch how top sites market themselves, pay attention to how Google AdWords are structured and read articles about traffic. That's a start. You can learn a lot by visiting top sites that cater to your subject of interest.

As much as possible, always try to come up with your own unique ideas, products and services. Instead of being a distributor of creative ideas, try to come up with your own ideas. For example, write your own articles if you can. That's what I do. I am not a great writer but it costs nothing but time to write and post my opinions, reviews, links and resources online and hopefully what I write will help you pick up an idea here and there.

So what about traffic? Well, you've heard that "content is king" and it's true. The better your content, the more repeat visitors you will have. Think about it. A site is like a lake and your users are like fishermen. If there was only one or two fishes in the lake, why should other fishermen come back to fish there? Your content is fish food. Put more fish food in the water to grow more fish so more fishermen come to your lake.

Google AdWords...

Google's AdWords makes it possible, for the first time in the history of the world, to deposit
five bucks, write a couple of ads, and instantly get access to over 100 million people - in less than 10 minutes.

Google AdWords is hot. In fact it may be the first and best thing to do to get traffic to your site.

But it's not always as easy as I just made it sound -AdWords has some nuances, and some people have a rough time at first.

Well, my colleague Perry Marshall, has written a very helpful e-course called "5 days to success with Google AdWords" and there's no charge for it. You can find out about it here