Saturday, October 23, 2004

Viva Las Vegas

I have a couple of really nice friends in Las Vegas. One of them works at the Cannery Hotel producing and managing shows. Once a year or so I get to go to Las Vegas and I am always fascinated by the fun and the "money" in that desert town! I guess there is good and bad stuff in Vegas but I am sure there are millions of dollars made every day there to afford all that entertainment.

Last time I was in Las Vegas was for the Paul McCartney Concert. My first live exposure to one of the Beatles!

But you can't talk about Las Vegas without mentioning the Casinos. There are many reasons why gambling can be bad for you especially when it's done in excess and if it affects your savings and your family. And when it becomes an addiction and you're losing! With moderation and in the spirit of fun, I guess gambling can be just like going to Disneyland except with gambling, you don't want to be taken for a ride. There have been stories of many off-shore casino that don't pay their winners or claim foul when it's time to pay. There are also laws trying to prohibit online gambling which is being thought over Freedom Of Commercial speech rights, etc. Google seem to still show online casinos in their index, of of which is There a lot of speculations about the legality of online gambling. But it seems to me that these sites generate a ton of traffic and many top affiliates involved with promoting casinos seem to be making a lot of money. I think in a year or so, the courts will make a decision whether people can or cannot gamble online. Obviously it is a huge market with millions and milllions of dollars to be made and being made. Gambling and the Adult sites are very big business all over the world. No wonder the most searched for words on the Internet have to do with both. Paris Hilton for example continues to be one the most searched for keywords according to
But why? I think the media has a lot to do with motivating people to search for certain keywords. Whenever a big story breaks out or there is some even or fuss over a celebrity, related keyword searches seem to follow by the millions. One way to see this in action is to go
to time-wasting but fun where you can see how two keywords fare against each other.

Gambling Affiliate Marketing Handbook

The thing with online gambling is that people do make money, sometimes Big money. But they also lose money. That's why it's called "gambling". But there is another aspect of online gambling: top affiliates are making a killing promoting various gambling sites. But like most affiliate programs, there is more to it than just signing up and putting a "buy me" link on your web site. I have found that there is a lot to learn from these expert, super affiliates in the gambling business. First, they deal with big money. Second, these guys are pretty sharp about web site promotion, marketing, sales and...ahem...getting rich on the Internet! If that's something you are interested in, I think you can learn a lot too from this one good resource.

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One thing I've learned about gambling sites (Although I am not a gambler myself... in fact, I don't even know how to play cards!) is that they have their act together when it comes to superior quality materials and programs!

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