Sunday, October 17, 2004

Expired Traffic=Traffic And Cash For You

You may or may not know this but if you are able to pick up an expired domain which used to have both link popularity and traffic, you can speed up your need for additional (income) traffic to your site(s).

Though a simple concept, this has actually made millionaires out of people who know when and how to grab just the right types of expired domains.

Here's a story:

"A few years ago, an Internet visionary named Ultsearch came along, stumbled across the most ingenious traffic and profit generation idea in the history of the Internet age, and quietly went on to make untold millions. To this very day, he has held a monopoly on the biggest underground traffic industry on the web. In fact, you've likely helped him out, and not known it. So how did he single-handedly go on to plunder the spoils of the internet? He connected two simple dots: expired domains + link popularity and realized their sum equaled expired traffic.

He hides behind his flickering computer screen, waiting patiently until the time is right. Every waking minute, he is compiling more and more valuable information about your website--he knows how popular it is, how much traffic it receives, what market segment it serves, and most importantly, when your domain will expire. And then he pounces. In an instant, your domain, your hard work, your time is his. Who is this elusive swashbuckling buccaneer of the Internet? He’s Ultsearch…and he’s coming to a domain name near you.
Ultsearch (he has been known to go under the alias Yun Ye) is an icon. He’s a legend in his own right—yet he’s also a vague apparition whom no one really knows about. His concept is simple: Pillage and plunder the net, one site at a time. And so far, it’s working…to the tune of six-figures….per day. "

Now that's not bad for a day's work is it? While most people struggle to make a few bucks online, others thrive and get rich or super rich. What's the difference? What you know, how you apply it and your consistency. I am going to share with you the source of expired domains. Don't even go there if you don't have $49 to spare right now. But instead of buying some useless, regorgitated ebook for $49 dollars, why not invest the money into something that can really pay off big for you? Go here now for details.

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