Saturday, October 23, 2004

77 Secrets About Search Engine Optimization...

Google and Yahoo have such stronghold on the Internet that's mind boggling! They control how we find information. They also control whether our sites have a chance to be found or not. Now, that's power. They decide the future of our web sites and indirectly, the future of our bank accounts! Nice position to be in, for them, anyway.

But they make the Internet better for us to use. They also help a lot of people make a lot of money. If you've got a great product and your link ends up on the first page of Google for related keywords and phrases, you could be set for life. Of course it all depends on what it is you're selling.

There are many ways to reach a good position on Google.

Search Engine Optimizer Report

Anyway, here's one source of 77 different search engine tactics that you can apply right away to improve your site's ranking and positioning. I've done a great deal of reading on the subject of search engine optimization and, among all other materials floating around the Internet about Google, etc. this one is top rated. Take a look. Oh, if you want, you can also resell this ebook and make some money too. Just click here to sign up, if you'd like.


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