Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Spend 5 Bucks to get linked

Another tip to get traffic and indexing a bit faster on search engines is to get your site linked to a PR4-8 site that gest spidered by Googlebot everyday or even several times a day. Never submit your site to the search engines manually! Seriously. That's newbie stuff. Don't do it. Always link and to get found.

Or you can spend $5.00 and get an account at Roiclicks is quickly climbing up the PR ranks and I think it's either a PR4-5 at the moment but it does get indexed frequently so might as well get your site there or even become an affiliate for free.

Other sites with free links:

And, don't forget to get listed on Biz.Url as well. You can even write your own articles along with your free listing. It's an excellent search engine boosting resource.



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