Thursday, September 02, 2004

As A Man Thinketh...

Interesting enough, marketing, hypnotic marketing, etc. is all about the brain. The words on a sales letter are intended to influence the brain to connect the dots and cause a reaction so if your thoughts are "I wan get rich off the Internet", you've been conditioning your brain to be looking for the medium that will accomplish that. "As a man thinketh, so he is..." The push buttons then are the triggers that feed your "thoughts", the clever the push buttons, the higher the possibility that your brain will make that decision to buy.

It's amazing how entire generations are influenced by thought. An example of this is to look at how people thought and acted back in the 50's versus today. Even they way they dressed, male and female behavior, etc. was all dictated by what was accepted as "right and wrong" by the masses at the time.

This goes way back. In 1638, obese women were actually considered "fashionable" and beautiful in terms of glamour and desirability. Today we have this big fuss over being obese and what defines attractiveness, etc. As our thought patterns change with each generation, our behavior and frame of mind so to speak also changes. Look at the difference and fuss over Democrats an Republicans. The fuss is rooted in the way each party thinks about things, which determines their "position" on things.

Marketing and selling has a lot to do with manipulating peoples' thoughts/thinking and causing them to "act" on those thoughts. When you are reading a sales letter, you are putting all those words into your brain and prcessing them. If the words trigger your needs and wants, then you're likely to purchase. All this goes even deeper. Ultimately acquiring a lot of "things" can be a reflection of brain power. The smarter the brain, as in the case of an ambitious person, the more "things" that brain can acquire for its owner, such as wealth or knowledge.

You can be very bright yet direct your brain to other things besides money. It's what you apply it towards. Thoughts are so important that they can actually make you "feel" sad, happy, indifferent, lethargic, excited, energetic, etc. Having a negative mental outlook can even affect our physical health. Releasing all negativity can actually do you some good and help you live a longer life.

Typically, when your mouth is shut, your brain is still talking. Science has proven that the brain also has electro-magnetic energy, similar to the heart. They define it as brain waves. The electricity so to speak can be intimately connected with your very soul in some fashion. Ever heard of the "aura" that surrounds every living thing? It's likely that the electro-magnetic impulses from your heart and your brain are intimately connected to that aura, which shapes who you are. That aura is also responsible for how "charismatic" you are or even how evil a person can be. The brighter that aura, the more people are attracted to you. This has nothing to do with physical beauty, but inner beauty. Have you ever met someone who you really like, regardless of how beautiful they are on the outside? That's their aura. We tend to define it as "nice person". Ever been more fond of one person versus another yet you don't why? That's their aura. People in the entertainment business usually possess this "aura" that makes people attracted to them. Even when they area sleazy role models. For example, a sleazy role model will attract people who have the same type of aura. Ever heard the "like attracts like" saying? If a group of people are of the same frame of thought as you are, you're likely to be attracted and involved with them. All of this even has Biblical connotations. The Bible mentions something about this aura or light as follows:

"The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!"

How can your body be full of light? It's the aura, it's the thoughts, it's that electro-magnetic field around us. Selling has a lot to do with manipulating your thinking patterns. That's why not all people belong to the same religion, political party. The way our thought patterns have been shaped determines what we are comfortable with and even our way of life.

We can refer to it as "Comfort Zones". When someone says or writes something we don't like, even though they are just words, spoken or written, it affects our comfort zones or our thought patterns. If your thought patterns agree with the words, then you say.."yes, this is fine, I like this." If it doesn't, your mindset will reject it or counter. Input, analysis and output.

A perfect example of this is an online forum. Say what we like, we agree, say what we don't like, we disagree and the posting keeps going back and forth as a result of how the words we write hit our brains and thought patterns, even beliefs and views. The brain seems to be very similar to a computer program and each of us has been programmed from birth.

Change the program, change the person.

How do words affect our brains? Very much. An example of that is our own native language. Try speaking Russian. Unless you're Russian, your brain freaks out. It has no idea how to read, say or pronounce those "foreign" words. Yet they are just sound waves. Once you condition your brain to the intricacies of sound, grammar, pronunciation, accent, etc. those words become part of you and you can actually communicate with another human being from Russia. English is our comfort zone because that's what we've learned to accept. So words are powerful, because they influence our thinking. When someone swears at us, it affects our thinking because the brain immediately recognizes it as a "bad word" with a "bad meaning". We've been conditioned to think that.

Yet if someone swears at you in Russian, it means nothing to you when you hear the sound of the words. Because the Internet involves a lot of "reading" and consequently, a direct hit on your thinking process, based on what's on the screen, then it is safe to assume that the more clever or the more manipulative the message, the more likely it is to cause "sales".

Once you know this, you will never look at a sales letter the same way. It's all about persuasion and manipulation to cause us to act. Thought + Action = sales. TV commercials are always trying to manipulate you whether directly or indirectly. By using people, things or situations.


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