Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Traffic Tools I've experimented with...

Some tools are very effective, others are a waste of time. For example, the ones that promise to send your site to thousands of search engines...I bought into one of those when I was a newbie and it was just a waste of money. Might as well have thrown the money into the toilet. Same thing with sites that put on your a bizillion FFA pages (free-for-all-pages). Don't even waste a second with those sites. Even worse are the ones that promise you 10,000 hits for $29.95. Yep, automated hits or useless popunders.

I also experimented with sites such as TrafficSwarm, FreeViral and HitTrafficker. These three don't do too bad as passive traffic creators. If you are selling something, promoting an affiliate program, etc. you will find that the above sites are catering mostly to other webmasters selling affiliate programs and business opportunities. So if your market is "internet marketers" and you want to try to create a small downline, you may get mild results with these types of sites. I got a small downline of 10 webmasters with FreeViral in just a few days when I started. Not sure what it is now. There lots of similar viral systems out there. Here's another one that's not too bad either: UTS

Other sources I have used included manual surf sites such as webmasterquest and nomorehits.com. The ones that offer a start page set up instead of autosurfing produced ok results depending on the products or services I was marketing. The people who come visit your site are other people trying to sell you something, not buying. You may be able to pick up a downline of sorts if you are marketing something like CBClicks or BoostedJuice or

I will expand on this a bit more when I re-edit this page. Like with everything else online, there are some tricks I've had to learn to get Google Adwords to make it work right for me.
I'm actually making sales using AdWords for several products products at the moment.

You get almost "instant" traffic with this service but you have to also watch your wallet (set a budget) and really tweak the keywords and product description.

When setting up my Google Adwords, I avoid displaying my ads on Asian countries.
Seems like they have got a large group of people there who have nothing better to do but to aimlessly click on your ads and deplete your daily budget.

I've had much better success selecting just the USA, U.K., Germany, Australia, New Zeland or other English speaking countries. I've had less clicks but I've made more sales and my small daily budget has lasted longer and been more effective.

More on this next time I write.


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